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Carbon Filters from Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Keep your fish and aquatic garden healthy and vibrant by adding a carbon filter from PurFlo Filtration in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, to your treatment system. These products are an excellent way to improve the filtering capabilities of your unit and enhance the sanitation of your water.

Filter Design

Available from stock in two sizes with one-high and two-high packages, our carbon filter components feature a modular design. Your standard PVC filter body can be modified by inserting a domed grid in the bottom of your PurFlo system. This elevates the carbon bags above the water intake port to prevent it from becoming clogged or plugged.

PurFlo Filter Cartridge

Activated Carbon

Our carbon filters use 14 x 14 3/4 18 mesh bags of 4 mm activated bituminous coal carbon (9 lbs. per bag). One bag fills a filter body that is one unit high, while two bags are appropriate for two-high filters. You can purchase bags that are pre-filled with the carbon, or empty bags from PurFlo Filtration.

For more details about our carbon filters, contact our team in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.