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Filter Units Can Be Used in Three Different Modes | Customization Options | 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Filter Cartridges for Water Purification Systems from Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Simplify the care your pond or aquarium requires with a leading water purification system and filter cartridge from Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Cartridge packages from PurFlo Filtration are available from stock in three sizes, designed for one-, two-, or three-high units, and in your choice of clear or gray PVC materials. No matter what size of package you select, you have your choice of either 25 or 100 micron filter cartridges.

Using Your Filtration System

Our filter cartridges are designed so that filtering can be enhanced by adding mesh bags of 4 mm activated carbon to the core of the package. These products are versatile and simple to replace. Just follow these easy steps, and you'll install a new filter in less than 3 minutes:

1. Loosen the Clamp Ring Holding the Cover
2. Take off the Domed Cover
3. Remove the Old Cartridge

4. Slip the New Cartridge in Place
5. Replace the Cover
6. Tighten the Bolt on the Clamp Ring

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